POST api/interviewersRecord


Request Information


NameDescriptionAdditional information

Define this parameter in the request body.

Request body formats

application/json, text/json

  "interviewName": "sample string 1",
  "interviewGonghao": "sample string 2",
  "name": "sample string 3",
  "gonghao": "sample string 4",
  "answer_1": "sample string 5",
  "answer_2": "sample string 6",
  "answer_3": "sample string 7",
  "answer_4": "sample string 8",
  "answer_5": "sample string 9",
  "answer_6": "sample string 10",
  "answer_7": "sample string 11",
  "answer_8": "sample string 12",
  "answer_9": "sample string 13",
  "answer_10": "sample string 14",
  "answer_11": "sample string 15",
  "answer_12": "sample string 16",
  "suggest1": "sample string 17",
  "suggest2": "sample string 18",
  "suggest3": "sample string 19",
  "beizhu1": "sample string 20"

application/xml, text/xml

<interview xmlns:i="" xmlns="">
  <answer_1>sample string 5</answer_1>
  <answer_10>sample string 14</answer_10>
  <answer_11>sample string 15</answer_11>
  <answer_12>sample string 16</answer_12>
  <answer_2>sample string 6</answer_2>
  <answer_3>sample string 7</answer_3>
  <answer_4>sample string 8</answer_4>
  <answer_5>sample string 9</answer_5>
  <answer_6>sample string 10</answer_6>
  <answer_7>sample string 11</answer_7>
  <answer_8>sample string 12</answer_8>
  <answer_9>sample string 13</answer_9>
  <beizhu1>sample string 20</beizhu1>
  <gonghao>sample string 4</gonghao>
  <interviewGonghao>sample string 2</interviewGonghao>
  <interviewName>sample string 1</interviewName>
  <name>sample string 3</name>
  <suggest1>sample string 17</suggest1>
  <suggest2>sample string 18</suggest2>
  <suggest3>sample string 19</suggest3>



Failed to generate the sample for media type 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'. Cannot use formatter 'FormUrlEncodedMediaTypeFormatterTracer' to write type 'interview'.